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Mobile Phone Services Advertising And The New Media Consumer/Producer

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Essay Preview: Mobile Phone Services Advertising And The New Media Consumer/Producer

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This article is about the new media for advertising in which it describes a literature review of emerging models of advertising. The paper considers 'conversational' interaction with consumers as another technique that has been successfully used to market new media usage, most notably to drive consumer adoption of mobile phone data services. It also highlights the international significance of the mobile phone as an immensely popular new media platform. Also Two case studies of recent successful advertising campaigns for mobile services are used as exemplars of the ways in which advertisers and agencies can actively seek out and make use of consumer creative input within an active campaign

Key Issues

* How new media will impact on advertising?

* Understanding the closing gap between new media consumers and new media producers.

* Consumer interaction is of central importance to the culture and economies of new media businesses in the world today.

* The importance of the intercreativity to the new media commerce.

* Typologies of interaction and the four types of interaction: transmission, consultation, conversation, and registration.

* The role of Conversational Interaction in Advertising.

* Understanding the direct Response of the consumer as Conversation.

* The idea of the Conversing Creatively in advertising.

Problem Area

How new media will impact on advertising (Specifically in using Mobiles and Cell phone in Advertising as a new media and emerging technologies in this field).

Limitations of the Article

The article didn't touch the Mobile marketing hurdles, which are:

1- Spam: Which worries both cell phone users and marketers.

2- Technology: Such as consumers cell phone technology compatibility.

3- Privacy: Mobile marketing must also grapple with consumer privacy concerns.

4- Consumer Acceptance: Which drive the mobile marketing industry.

Mobile marketing As "New Advertising Media" Obstacles:

* Branding Strategy.

* Facilitating Strategy.

* Location based Service.

* Service Costs.

* Cultural barriers.

* Technological



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