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Mlk Speech on the Vietnam War

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Essay Preview: Mlk Speech on the Vietnam War

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Marin Luther King Jr. builds an argument in this speech in order to persuade people that America shouldn’t be involved in the vietnam war. He uses great chunks of evidence, as well as his own experiences that come into day, and lastly he uses a rhetorical question towards the end to also persuade his audience.

Martin starts off by talking about the examples and evidence. He talks about noticing tragics such as sending sons and husband to the war to die, as well as “devastating the hopes of the poor at home.” People were crippled! He states in the second in the second paragraph “we have been repeatedly faced with the cruel irony of watching Negro and White boys on TV screens as they kill and die together for a nation that has been unable to seat them together in the sam schools.” He says that they watch these people burn villages, people that they know personally. Why would we send our people to suffer the same fate; to come home and be crippled and facing death, and for what purpose. Let these nations fight their own battles, but our own people at risk for some ally is just as cruel as killing him yourself. This is the point that Martin Luther King, Jr. was trying to convey by using the evidence that he has used in his speech.

In the third paragraph of Martin’s speech he brings another point and turn the tables. Now all eyes are on him. He mention his own experience in the ghettos of the North. He explains how hard it felt and how he tried to offer them his deepest compation. These people were suffering because of the violence that this nation has brought upon them to solve it’s problems. As if this isn’t enough, our government has give the okay to send our people to an even worse fate. Is the care even there? Marin tries to say that we need to solve OUR OWN problems before trying to poke our noses and trying to fix other peoples problems. He brings his own experience into the equation to completely wrap this problem up.



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