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Mkt 501 - McDonalds Case Study

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Course     :  MKT501                            

Student name:Wenlong Cui

Student  ID : 11613812

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There are 5 stages in the process of consumer decision making. Identify needs, gather information, evaluate products, make decisions, and post purchase behavior.            

According to Dubbins(2017), when consumers realize that they need something, it is the beginning of their decision-making process. The purpose of the Internet business model is to enable them to find their needs and strengthen demand.            

For example, football teaching, many schools face the existing teaching system, it is difficult to quickly adjust, lack of professional teaching experience. Therefore, some soccer products cooperate with schools to provide teaching materials and coaches, and schools provide training venues. In this way, stimulate the service experience - students, service buyers - parents know that football has the same attribute as mathematical and chemical, and has the value of training.

The principle is to increase the exposure in front of the user. And the channels to increase exposure can be as follows:           

1. Cooperate with traditional institutions with the same target users to drain products with traditional users.            

2. Some of the people in this field influence people around,such as a class model, a group of mothers know that one of the mothers has a lot of teaching resources, and the Internet business model can attract the mother group by the reputation of the mother.

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McDonald's face, 2003 McDonald's full update brand image, its brand LOGO, slogan, personality, TV advertising and theme songs, staff uniforms and so on, completely updated to hip-hop one, with the modern values of fashion.Dudovskiy(2016) states that In order to adapt to the new market strategy, McDonald's attracts new market target customers, that is, the transition from family to family mother and son and younger consumer group under 35 years of age, the center of strategy for young people.McDonald's 50 years of development in the past half century, its original market customer age structure has changed, once young people, have entered the late years and have a big family. Therefor this repositioning is to expand the influence of McDonald's adjust the strategy center and put it on young people.            

McDonald's updates the LOGO, slogans, personalities, theme songs, and employee uniforms to make it more matching the new hip-hop style. Use the global sync to make the biggest publicity.            

McDonald's needs to relocate its own brand, because of the changes in the times, many customers' age structure has changed, should conform to the trend of marketing strategy, in the strategy for the enterprise to lay a solid foundation for the future development.

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Social media enables enterprises to achieve more extensive communication with potential users through social media. Social media also has the characteristics of equal communication, which is conducive to the communication between enterprises and potential customers and maintaining their affinity.            

Social media attracts more and more business users while attracting individual users. Statistics show that 72% of enterprises in the United States are using social media to provide various types of services (Kacen & Lee , 2002). It also provides opportunities for many enterprises to seek cooperation and find more suitable partners through social media. The characteristics of social media make users get more comprehensive and perfect information than search engines on social media, and make it easier to judge the partners' experience and ability, thus helping the enterprise to bring more potential cooperation opportunities.            

Social media brings high quality sales opportunities.Many retail companies in the United States have published information through FacebookAds, launched a product related topic on micro blog, monitored interest in customer behavior, combined with mail marketing and blog marketing, and brought a lot of sales opportunities.

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Sustainable brand companies are more competitive in today's market.            According to Newberry (2018), sustainable brands provide predictable demand for enterprises, and the competitive barriers they create make it difficult for other companies to enter the market. Customer loyalty can also be understood as the willingness of customers to pay higher prices, that is, brand premium. From these two aspects, brand is a powerful means to protect competitive advantage.            



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