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McDonald Case Study

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Today McDonald has beco me one of the leading fast food chain worldwide. McDonald was established as a brand in 1995 by Ray Kroc in California, USA. Now, McDonald daily delivers their service to 68 million of fast food lover in more than 119 nations by more than 36,000 restaurants worldwide (McDonald's, 2018). From all over its restaurants, McDonald’s serves different types of burgers, French fries, ice cream, apple pie, sundae and chicken nuggets. McDonalds have different choices of food for different age group of customers. But the main customer of McDonald is fast food lover. (Research Methodology, 2016)

McDonald has set world class benchmark in terms of quality, services and neatness. All the ingredients use to make food is 100% pure meats, vegetables are also fresh and breads are fresh as they are locally baked. Although it provides high quality of foods which are made of fresh ingredients, it is cheap so everyone can enjoy the foods and services. Keeping in mind, that to stay in top position in fast food business, McDonald is providing quality service to its fast food lover from all over its franchise restaurants with an 24 hour service in all 365 days. (McDonald's, 2018)

As we all know that McDonalds, sells affordable meal to every age group of people, but the food and service is provided as any 5 star restaurant would provide which have made them most successful in fast food venture in all over its franchised restaurants. McDonalds follow world class operation procedures and systems which help them to reduce and eliminate any type of risk. Everything is accuracy execution in movement that is from Operations, Purchasing, Finance, Sales and Marketing through Product Innovation. When we go to a McDonalds, and all you get the chance to see is actually a few beverages containers, Fries bank, Burger Shoot and a couple of different things alongside a cordial administration utilizing extremely smooth suggestive offering strategies. This all strategy is the secret key of the success of McDonalds. (Haymo, 2014)

The company is able to sustain and is loved by most of the people because the company don’t neglect in these four policies, quality, operation excellence, service deliver and hygiene. This plays a key role in the success of the organization. I would like explain quality policy detail as bellows:

McDonald’s tries to keep homely feeling and tries to fulfill the astounding desires when people come to the restaurant. McDonald’s tries to keep food and service at good quality with certain benchmarks higher than ever. McDonald's has executed an plan which is called "from farm to restaurants ". The meats used in different items are 100% pure, buns used in burgers are of high quality, the vegetables used are farm-fresh which gives crunchy sound, all dairies products used in making different products are from fresh milk and fries are made of high quality potatoes which comes directly from farms and it is cooked in 100% pure vegetable oil which gives Crips. HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) is used inside the kitchen to keep nourishment security total from point zero till the point it is served to our clients (McDonald's HK, 2018). I have explained operating process map in the table as below:

Input Processing Output

Raw material Raw material acquisition Quality food

Advance equipment Manufacturing, processing and formation Good service

Capital Use/reuse/maintenance Recycle

Labor Unusable products Waste management

This operating process is controlled and examined by HACCP then only it is finally delivered to the customers. (Krishna Raj, 2017)

All over its franchised restaurants, McDonald's has fixed some unique guidelines which are remarkable Gold Standard, which subtle elements strict necessities for quality, appearance, taste, and look and nourishment wellbeing. All restaurants staff have got complete preparing, furnishing them with abundant sustenance wellbeing information regarding quality and hygiene. This guarantees that our operations meet sustenance wellbeing gauges, and that our "Made for You" nourishment meets our Gold Standard. (McDonald's PK, 2018)

Lean management:

As this is a modern era of business environment. Most of the companies are being globalized by changing in their tradition way production process and using new tools and applying innovative technique to create final products which help to sustain their position in the market. A current issue faced by the producers is how they can convey their goods or materials at cheap price with great quality. Mostly manufacturing business go against this difficulties and look forward to upgrades in their making procedures to adapt the market environment and expanding client requests. So, by applying lean management principle and technique the tending issue can be solved. (Muller, M, 2008, pp.1699-1710)

Lean management essentially known as lean is creation process, which checks the utilization of assets for any work other than the production of significant worth for the end client, is waste, also, hence an objective for disposal. Despite the fact that there had been various claims on the genuine inception of Lean management principles, it was for the most part acknowledged that the idea, with this back ground, business needs to contend with productivity and rapidly react to showcase needs and specialties. (Swamynathan, R, 2013, pp. 1-7)

This idea was generally advanced from Japanese automobile company particularly from Toyota. Lean Assembling is considered to be a waste decreasing strategy as recommended by numerous researchers, however by practicing lean management strategy the estimation of the goods through minimization of waste. (Sundar, R, 2014, pp.1875-1885)

The major three concept of lean management be explained as bellow:

1. Production systems:

Lander and Liker (2007) examined the execution advantages of lean frameworks are frequently wonderful, extraordinarily enhancing quality, cost, and conveyance and concentrated the key misconception of TPS, seeing it as a particular toolbox in fact executed conventionally to accomplish pre-determined outcomes. (Lander, E., Liker, J. K, 2007) As per Shah and Ward (2007) lean production is a multi-dimensional approach that incorporates a wide assortment of administration works on, incorporating without a moment to spare, quality framework, work groups, cell assembling



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