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Miss U(From A Girl)

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Dear ______,

I am surprised that you did not call me yesterday just because I was laughing something that I didn't even know what I was laughing about (you know I always laugh we you are talking). I hope it's not a test again, because every time you say it's a test, it makes me think that I am not good enough for you, may be you deserve better girls.

I think it's harder for me to say all these face to face, but during spring break, I miss you a lot! I want see you every minute when I am thinking of you. When you are not around, it feels like something is missing. I really want you to be here even it is not gonna happen. You are the only one who makes me laugh from my heart for so long; I like to be around you so much. I wish I am not falling in love with you, because if I did...I know it will "kick" me harder when I get no response from you in the future if something similar happens.

Do you know that I miss Valentine's Day so much so that I can't really fall asleep? I don't and can't expect everyday will be that exciting and that romantic, but you know, I can feel your care, your softness, may be even your love...on that day. Our relationship is not about only me, or only about you; it's about us. Both of us have to put effort in it, so it will work out. I need to feel you, your feelings; I need to know what you are thinking, so I can work on my part. You are a special person I don't want to lose you, so please feel me too.

I Love You! Missing You!



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