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Microsoft Case Study

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Microsoft is an American multinational technology company, it was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen (History, 2015). According to Figure 1, now Microsoft is the world’s largest provider of computer software, and headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft has an annual sales rate of $97.58 billion. This multinational company produces various technology products, including: electronics, computer software, and personal computers.

Microsoft has two recommended jobs, the experienced professionals and students and current graduates. According to Microsoft careers website, the solution specialists ability to implementation expertise into a project and portfolio management business value solution for specific customers (Careers. Microsoft, 2019). By the changing of the market, business man need to find different way of solving different problems. Because the solution soecialist is a full time job. To become a solution specialist, you need to have the necessary experience: education, key experience, skills and knowledge. 5-10 years of related senior sales experience in the advances BDM workloads and BS or BA degree is required (Solution Specialist. Microsoft, 2019). Master of Business Administration is preferred. For the responsibilities of the solution specialists, 85% of the time response to grow the cloud Project Revenue and Unit counts, 10% of time response to deliver operational excellence;including monthly or quarterly forecasting, build healthy pipeline, CRM entry and hygiene, opportunity management and virtual team orchestration. Last 5 % of time response to delivering satisfied clients willing to provide references that can be leveraged in future sales engagements (Solution Specialist. Microsoft, 2019). [pic 1]

According to Microsoft careers website, there are have intern opportunities for MBA students; the account executive. “As an Account executive, you provide strategic business leadership partnering with leaders in your customers' organizations to align their business transformation agenda with digital solutions” (Careers. Microsoft, 2018).The qualifications of the account executive is currently student pursuing an MBA degree with at least one semester or quarter remaining after internship. Excellent verbal and written communication, analytical and presentation skills. The responsibilities of the account executive is to establish and maintain key account relationships and developing bilateral business plans with customers on the technical and business agendas.



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