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Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere

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Essay Preview: Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere

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Madelyn Paterson

August 11, 2017

Book Report: Michael vey 3: Battle Of the Ampere

        Michael suddenly wakes from a terrifying dream. He rubs his eyes trying to remember where he was and what was true or what he had imagined. Then, he realizes by the stinging in his brain, and the bruises on his body that it was not a dream. It was real. Everything that he had dreamed in that nightmare was real. Which means Michael is in the middle of the Amazon jungle with a tribe called the Amerricarra, and the rest of the Electroclan are nowhere to be found. He feels a small tickling sensation on his legs; he painfully pulls himself up to see a giant tarantula crawling on his legs. He screams and brushes it off quickly. Just then he hears a women laughing.

        A young native girl was walking towards Michael. She was wearing a dress made of tree bark and was carrying something that looked sort of like the dream catchers his mom used to hang on his wall at night. Just then Michael saw a picture of his mother in his mind, and wondered how she and the rest of the Electroclan are doing. The native girl slid a cold mud blob onto Michael’s swollen ankle. It still hurts from when he rolled it the night he escaped the Elgen. Michael attempts to speak with her but she could not speak English. After she applied the mud to his ankle she stood and ran out of his tent.

        Right after the young native woman left, the chief of the Amerricarra, tribe walked into Michael’s tent and greeted him. He tells Michael that his mother is healthy and safe with the “Voice”, but unfortunately the Peruvian government is hunting down the rest of the electric children. Some of the Elgen hired by Hatch infiltrated the government offices and convinced the government that the Electroclan are well known terrorists. Some of the Electroclan, Taylor, Ostin, Mckenna, Zues, Abigail,  and Ian, were caught and have a death sentence in five days. Michael thought to himself, “great only five days to save their lives.” The chief also tells him that the Peruvian government are searching for him as well and that he will have to leave the native’s camp sooner than expected to not endanger the Amerricarra tribe.

        That night Michael came out of his tent for the first time since he left the Peruvian plant and was taken in by the Amarracarra tribe. They were about to eat dinner when suddenly, Michael notices a girl, about his age, with a faint glow on her skin just like Michael’s. This glow is from their electric powers. Michael was told that there were no more electric children left. Then who is she?

He walked over to her and asked her if she was really an electric child like him and how never knew about her. Her name is Tessa and she is one of the electric children. She explained her story about how she left Hatch a few weeks before and the Amarracarra tribe saved her and have been taking care of her since. She had always wanted to meet Michael and become part of the Electroclan, now she might have a chance. She asked if she could come with him when he leaves to find and rescue of the Electroclan. Michael agreed and they ate together and then went to bed. They would definitely need to get enough rest so they could get through the long hike the next day to meet their escort.

They left early the next morning. They had instruction from the chief to hike to the Amazon River. There they would find an escort that would take them the rest of the way to the Peruvian Jail. Their escort would contact the “Voice” and let him know about what their plan. Then, their escort will take them to the jail where the Electroclan are being held captive. There, Michael and Tessa are hoping to save and break them out of the prison to save their lives before they are sentenced to death. The only downside to their plan was they had five more days before the Electroclan was put to death for terrorism.

When Tessa and Michael reached the river they were surprised when they saw Jaime standing there with open arms. Michael couldn’t believe his eyes, it was Jaime! They hugged for a while but had to be interrupted by Jaime telling them they needed to get a movie on to make sure they were not caught by the Elgen or the Peruvian Government. They hiked…………and hiked…………..and hiked till they coouldn’t anymore and they rested for the night. They woke early and started their hike again.

Meanwhile in prison, Ostin had figured out how to escape. He had devised a plan and knew exactly how he was going to execute it perfectly. He broke out of his handcuffs and tricked the guard into giving him the key to his cell. When he broke out everyone else. Some of them were in very critical condition and were having a tough time walking. As they about to leave the Elgen guards that were undercover as Peruvian government officials captured them all again. Now they are being moved to the execution building sooner than expected.

Back in the forest, the “Voice” signaled Jaime, Michael, and Tessa. He told them that the easiest place to intercept the rest of the Electroclan would be when they pass through a small valley in the Amazon forest. They were happy to be informed that it is very close to where Michael, Jaime, and Tessa were already. The “Voice” says that is only place they might actually be able to actually save the rest of the Electroclan. “Well then that is what we will do then. Thank you for letting us know.” Michael says. The phone went silent and Michael, Tessa, and Jaime started the hike again to find the valley.

        When they reached the valley they still had a night to rest before the truck carrying them would reach that spot. So they rested for the night. Michael woke to Tessa shaking him. She told him that the truck would be passing in an hour and that he had to get up so he could eat before they would get the one time chance to save the Electroclan before they were executed for terrorism.

        After about forty-five minutes they started to hear bustling on the road, a few minutes later they could see the truck coming down the road. This was their chance. They could not fail to save the rest of the Electroclan. This was it.

        As the truck came up the road they stopped the trucks. Michael pulsed and knocked the drivers out. They opened the trucks and pulled the Electroclan out of the trucks. They all hugged. So relieved so see each other when they noticed Jack and Taylor were nowhere to be found.

They saw Taylor and Jack being dragged on the ground by a tall rustic man. The Electroclan chased after them and when they got close enough, Michael zapped him. He fell to the ground. They ran to them and picked up Jack and Taylor and carried them back to the van. Just then, an Elgen jumped out of the back of the truck but just before Michael could zap them he shot a bullet at Wade. Wade fell to the ground, the Electroclan and Jaime tried to stop the bleeding but they couldn’t. Wade passed away.



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