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Mercy Housing: Live in Hope

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Mercy Housing: Live in Hope

SaaMonyeh Dixon and Marin Pavliuc

Folsom Lake College

Mercy Housing: Live in Hope

Mercy Housing is a national nonprofit organization where they work together to build a

better place of living with poverty, more healthy communities, and where people to strive to their full potential. The people at Mercy Housing believe that they can improve the rates of homelessness, recreate neighborhoods, and stabilize lives. Mercy Housing is one of the nations largest affordable housing organizations that serve many populations with housing that have low incomes, including families, seniors, and people with special needs. Mercy Housing works across 41 different states and includes the efforts of: Mercy Housing Management Group, Mercy Loan Fund, and Mercy Portfolio Services. Mercy Housing also has regional business centers that are responsible for the organizations regional real estate, fundraising ideas, and Residential Services. The regional business centers include: Mercy Housing California, Lakefront, Mountain Plains, Northwest, and Mercy Housing Southeast.

Mercy Housing a vision, a mission, and values. Their mission is to create a healthy,

stable, and vibrant communities by creating this affordable program for families, seniors, and people with special needs who have low income. Mercy Housing holds as its core values, including: respect, basic perspective and behavior which is attentive, considerate and shows special regard for the inherent dignity of persons and the sacredness of creation, justice, the fair and impartial treatment of others, and mercy, the ability to see need and respond with compassion. Mercy Housing even has operating commitments. Mercy Housing is ethical, they maintain a very high ethical standards during business and are accountable for the quality of the job performances. Mercy Housing are advocates on behalf of the economically poor and its programs, they are also strive to create an environment that supports and encourages diversity throughout the Mercy Housing community. Lastly Mercy Housing work collaboratively by seeking the input of those who are affected by the group and its programs. Mercy Housing also work collaboratively by partnering with like-minded groups to achieve one common goal.

Mercy Housing provides housing for families, seniors(65+), individuals, and people with

special needs with the full spectrum of affordable housing nationwide. The affordable housings include supportive housing for the homeless, transitional housing, permanent rental, and affordable homeownership opportunities.. Mercy Housing has served more than 152,000 people and have participated in the development and financing of more than 48,200 affordable homes. 70% of Mercy Housings residents are families , 21% are seniors, and 9% are residents with special needs(people with HIV/AIDS, formerly homeless individuals, veterans, and people with mental and physical impairments). Mercy Housing does not only provide assistance to those who are in, but also to the residents called Resident Services which help improve one resident at a time.

Mercy Housings Resident Services help residents that are struggling with life challenges such as high house cost, job loss, trauma, illness, and substance abuse. Mercy Housing realized that some people need extra help to build a stable life after finding a home and this is where Resident Services come in. Resident Services helps Mercy Housing residents live to their full potential by providing not only housing, but with health and wellness, financial stability, after-school time(providing multiple after school programs) housing stability(creating a more family type vibe do everyone can feel more welcome), and community involvement(like housing stability, but more community involvement). Resident Services are at approximately 70 percent of the properties so every resident by choice, can have an opportunity with extra support, services, and so that all of the residents can benefit from the assistance Mercy Housing provides. Mercy Housings goal regarding the Resident Services is to have them at every Mercy Housing Community for the residents, to help them improve their skills and gain a more and better perspective on life struggles.

Mercy Housings referral process and criteria might seem easy, however it is far from easy. Mercy Housing has 132 properties across 36 countries in California. Each Mercy Housing property has its own leasing office and its own application process. In order to find out more



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