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Meralco Case Study

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Chapter III


This chapter presents the method utilized in this study: the research design, participants of the study, sampling technique used, research instrument, data gathering procedure. It also presents the researchers’ validation procedure and data analysis.

Research Design

        Qualitative research is commonly sharing the experience of a group and therefore focused on narrative. According to statistics solutions (2018), it is often critiqued as being “soft” and open to multiple interpretations. The purpose of qualitative approach is to succinctly scrutinize peoples’ experience and their interpretations and meanings through social life. Phenomenology is an approach to qualitative research used by researchers that focuses on the commonality of a lived experience within a particular group. The fundamental goal of the approach is to arrive at a description of the nature of the particular phenomenon   (Creswell, 2013). As stated by De Vos (1998), the phenomenological approach concerns itself with understanding and interpreting the meaning that participants give to their everyday lives. As a research tool, phenomenology is based on the academic disciplines of philosophy and psychology and has become a widely accepted method for describing human experiences. Phenomenological research is typically conducted through the use of in-depth interviews of small samples of participants. By examining the point of view of multiple participants, a researcher can start to come up with a conclusion regarding what it is like to experience a certain phenomenon from the perspective of those who have lived the experience.

Respondents of the study

        The Participants of the study are some of the Teachers from the University of the East Caloocan that is the one who are paying their MERALCO bills and some chosen parents from the students of ABM 11-7. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, It's the right of a consumer to share his/her opinions regarding a consumer issues.

Research Instrument Used

        The Researchers have used the questionnaire as an instrument, it also help us to know more about the different ideas or perception of every correspondent that we have interviewed. It can also help us to make easily to conduct by getting their different opinions that can improve our research.

Validation of the Instrument

        We test our questionnaires if it is suitable for our research. We gave our teacher in University of the East Caloocan an example of our questionnaire to hear her comment about our questionnaire if it needs any improvement and if there are any errors. The result, it doesn’t need any improvement and no corrections needed. We reproduced our questionnaires to 30 copies and distributed it to the students of University of the East Caloocan to be answered by their parents.



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