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Mental Health Issues: Annotated Bibliography

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Kristina DeCain

Mrs. Grant


March 4, 2018

Mental Health Issues: Annotated Bibliography

Annotation #1

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Journey to Healing : Aboriginal People with Addiction and Mental Health Issues : What Health, Social Service and Justice Workers Need to Know. Edited by Lavallée Lynn and Peter Menzies, CAMH, 2015. 

     This source is a book about finding ways to heal, and what society needs to know about doing so. Since this is a book, I only focused on some specific chapters in which I thought would be appropriate to use for my topic. I found chapters 14, 21, 24, and 27 most helpful in relating to my topic. The book overall talks about specific addictions or reasons for certain issues, while these chapters focus more on mental health, healing and views from psychiatric nurses. This book is based off areas in Canada, and the mental issues involved there, yet can still be a helpful source just to gain more knowledge and perspective. I think this source is credible and reliable, it lists all the authors involved, as well as a center for addiction and mental health that contributed to the writing process.

       This book mentions a lot about broken families, financial issues, society and social skills, etc. It is a very wide variety of information, and mentions a lot of different types of educations, treatments, healing techniques, etc. It is more of a perspective, “good to know” type of book then it is “knowledge” in some chapters, but having a different type of course that isn’t just facts is interesting and helpful. It also mentions how people chose to seek help, they can’t be helped without wanting that help for themselves; even if the need a little push in the right direction to get there.



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