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Men and Women

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                                        Men and Women

Have you ever wondered or thought about what makes people, men and women different? But in fact there are many differences such as opinions, personalities, gender, and looks and appearances. What are the differences between genders? This can be a simple question but when really broken down they consist of men undergoing the main responsibilities and tasks. From the past to present the “differences” we see from each other hasn’t really changed. Although people today pretend and choose not to see the similarities between the two I feel that therefore differences in terms of responsibilities and tasks.

Psychological differences are the most interesting because both have very strong character differences. An example would be, men are more impulsive and can observe and analyze things. But for women, they have more tendencies to acquire depression and addictions then men. These psychological differences are found most interesting because they occur in day to day life. However as psychological differences are the most interesting, social differences are the most studied. Both have many distinct differences. For instance women tend to have more interaction through groups than men. And also develop more friendships and handle peer pressure differently.  Men have a tendency to follow their friends behavior and find fewer but better friends.

In addition, we can agree that there is some resemblance between men and women relating to responsibilities. And according to modern philosophers, people are born with equal resemblance and equal conditions. However once older there appearance may be completely different but they have the same intelligence and opinions such as styles, religion and overall living. You start noticing difference as people continue in the own ways and fall in to certain groups and people they feel most comfortable and enjoy being around. Continuing, many married couples share their responsibilities and duties within their own home very similar to one another. For example many couples will share cooking meals, doing the dishes, cleaning house and more. But in the past these were viewed as women only jobs where men had no business doing. But as times have changed, women are working the same hours and often jobs as men. This then takes the women only part of these tasks out and forces the other partner to help and get the job done.



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