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Men Vs Women

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Women vs. Men in Athletics

What is the attraction to men's athletics? Who decides that men's sports are better than women's? Is it the audience or is it the corporate world? Is there is a big difference or is it just general sexism. Doesn't the general public decide what they want to watch and support. What is the difference between men's and women's and men's sports?

Men's sports get a lot better television ratings than women's for the simple reason that men are more athletic. Men's sports are more exciting and there is more action to attract an audience. It is a fact of life and that can not be disputed. Yes some women are extremely talented and are an enjoyment to watch, but that does not change the fact that the men playing the same sport would most likely be more exciting.

For example the WNBA gets a lot of criticism and a lot of hype. An NBA player gets paid much more for a simple reason, supply and demand. A men's basketball game is more exciting and entertaining than women's. Professional sports are based on an audience. The NBA is bigger, faster and stronger therefore more people, men and women, want to watch and support it.

How many people complain about NASCAR and how it is an all men's sports. Isn't NASCAR just a bunch of men who are crazy about cars and love lots of horsepower? Or is this just the nature of a normal guy to want BIGGER, FASTER. STRONGER. NASCAR started in the 1920's with moonshiners. It was all about the liquor and the fast cars. Men have always had a thing about fast cars and power. Men are all about all bigger and better. It is something that just gets our wheels rolling.

Tennis is the closest sport between men and women. Women's tennis is really popular. Now there are two sides to this story. The first side to this story is the short skirts. The girls in tennis wear really short skirts and men like love it. The second side of the story is that when men play tennis it isn't that different from girls. Women play a great game, though they may not serve one hundred and twenty miles per hour, but they are amazing. This is one sport where the women get paid close to the same as the men.

There is a huge argument today about men and women being equal. Are men and women equal? That is the question; brains or brawn? In the sports world some women think they are equal. Are they really, do they compete evenly with men?

Tennis is an exception to the rule. Women's tennis gets as much TV coverage as men's. This is not because of the sport; it all has to do with demand. Men like to watch women play tennis because the majority of women tennis players are sexually attractive, and the women like to watch women play tennis because they are an inspiration to other women. This is the ultimate example of how the corporate world exploits women. Men like to watch because of



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