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McDonalds Marketing Strategy

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Marketing campaigns plays a significant role for developing any type of business. Without proper marketing campaign, the hard work of the company to attract clients will turn out to be very inefficient. To obtain this, businesses will need to initiate flexible techniques which reciprocate to customer perception and demand. Once you have developed and implemented the marketing technique, try to recognize the feedback or comment of your clients and if some changes or development is needed, apply it for the best customer satisfaction.

Like all business organizations, Mcdonald’s also had it share of successful and unsuccessful campaigns.

  1. All day breakfast initiative

This basically was consumer’s idea and McDonald’s Corp didn’t just increase business in its important home market but also regained customers lost from its competitors over the past two years.

b) Happy Meal concept

McDonalds’s is positioned as a family restaurant. Extra Care has been take make the restaurant children friendly. The Happy Meal is one of our most loved menus and therefore an appropriate platform for reaching out to our family customers through experiences that focus on play and learning. Also, the distribution of small toys attracted large segment of the market. Not only did it appeal to the kids but also the younger generation.

c) Drive thru 

A  drive thru is a type of service provided by a business that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars. Orders are generally placed on the microphone and picked up in person at the window. The vehicles create a line and move in one direction unlike drive-ins where cars are parked next to each other. So, it even solves the problem of lack of parking space. Several outlets of Mcdonald’s all over the country have introduced drive thru’s which are designed to offer on-the-go convenience to customers. It ensures speedy service.Also it accounts for almost 60% of the revenue generation in US. What inspired the then-revolutionary concept? The restaurant was located near a military base, and soldiers were not allowed to leave their cars while wearing fatigues.

D)  Our Food, Your Questions

“Is your meat 100% beef?” “Are your eggs real?” “Does your meat include pink slime?” Those are some of the questions people have had about the food at McDonald’s.In the fall of 2014, the McDonald’s USA launched a concerted effort in the United States to answer those questions and more. With ads on television, YouTube videos, FAQs at its website, and engagement on Twitter and Facebook, it kicked off a campaign called “Our Food. Your Questions.” The campaign answered the questions McDonald’s knew people were interested in, and tracked down answers for many unexpected questions people posed on social media .It had been very successful for them and saw incredible traffic to their website. For the first time, they noticed customers really responding in the sense that they were defending them.

e) McDonald’s and FreeCharge Forge Strategic Partnership

FreeCharge, a digital payments platform, has entered into exclusive partnership with  the Master Franchisee of brand McDonald's west and south India. As part of this partnership, McDonald's has implemented FreeCharge wallet to enable customers to make swifter and safer payments. This offline payment capability has been rolled out across 216 McDonald's restaurants spread across 26 Cities in West & South regions of India. The service has gone live starting January 14, 2016 across all these restaurants. The move was taken in order to provide a great customer experience and the payments piece is an important part of this experience.



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