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Marketing Strategy

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Strategy and Implementation Summary

Strategy Pyramid

Firstly, Trust Cleaning Services employs a strategy that targets the working society. Because working people are seldom at home to clean their homes, it is a very good idea to provide cleaning services to these people. It has been surveyed that most people do not mind paying an extra fee for a service that would ease their already burdened lifestyle.

The second group that we are targeting would be the elderly and students. The former has difficulty performing daily chores while the latter usually are just plain lazy or lack the time to do so. Hence our help would be a godsend to them. The main attraction would be the packages that our company offers. They would be able to fully customizable their package according to their needs.

Value Proposition

The problem our customer faces the inability to able look after their home properly. Having to maintain a clean household can be a challenge to some people and as such, our company offers a solution to this problem. Customers who apply for our service would be at ease while they go about their daily routine knowing that their homes are being taken cared of.

Competitive Edge

Our company has a competitive edge over the others out there because we offer fully customizable packages to the customers. WeÐ'ÐŽÐ'Їll be able to cater to their personal needs and such so that they need not waste resources on unnecessary things. In addition, our company will go to your doorstep to perform these services without the customer having to come personally and see through the whole cleaning process. By providing easy cleaning on the go, it will almost certainly suit those busy people.

Marketing Strategy

In order to market our service, our company uses several marketing programs


When ever a customer applies for our service, they are charge a base fee of 70 dollars which accounts for basic service charges. The amount will then add, depending on what package are chosen and minor services that are additionally check listed. We have two main packages:

Firstly is the residential services package, which covers all basic cleaning housekeeping services. This we will charge them RM70 per service.

And secondly, is the commercial package, which covers apartments, office buildings, restaurants, retail stores and such which would carry a price of RM 150 for a one time service.

The minor services are considered extras, mostly consisting of services which a priced such as:

Making beds: RM 50 extra per bed

Leather furniture



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