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Lord Of The Rings. Worth Seeing ?

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Essay Preview: Lord Of The Rings. Worth Seeing ?

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One of the big movies that has had everyone's attention over the last couple years has been Lord of the Rings, but the real question is the movie even worth all the hype that it was put up to be. When looking at the movie there is a couple things that you can look at to determine if the movie was worth seeing or if it was just a hyped up movie with no real plot. The parts of the movie that should be looked at are its visual effects, also how the story was turned from a book into a movie and also was the movie enjoyed by the audience.

The first thing that should be looked at to determine if the movie was a quality one is were the visual effects of the movie good or were they just something any small movie company could produce. The thing that first stands out with visual effects is some of the characters and how they made them look real. Some of the characters in the story are suppose to be smaller then the rest of the cast and through the use of camera angles that made it so they looked their proper size, which made the movie all the more realistic. Also when you look at the effects you have to see what they did using the computer. In this movie they made completely 3-D models of walking tree and of some different characters in the story that looked completely real. Also in the movie there were completely 3-D generated battles that looked very real, and this added to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

Another aspect of the movie that should be looked at is did they do a good job taking the book that the movie came from and turning it into one. Most movies usually alter the book's story when it's taken to the silver screen but this one did a fairly well job of keeping most of the events in tact. There were a couple of parts of the story that were cut out of the movie that people may have wanted to see but overall it was well done. In the movie they didn't change what the author of the book wanted shown they just enhanced it or shorted some of the boring parts to add to the total enjoyment of the



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