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Marvel Heroes Exhibition

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Marvel Heroes Exhibition

This year is the 10th anniversary of Marvel Studios. In order to celebrate 10th anniversary and 20 wonderful movies, Marvel has held an exhibition called "MARVEL STUDIOS: TEN YEARS OF HEROES" around the world. “The exhibition is a cutting-edge exhibition that utilises state-of-the-art AV technology and immersive media to transport you into the dynamic Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides the recent box office smashing Marvel movies, you can also expect to see iconic characters from the first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe including Iron Man, Captain America, and Doctor Strange.” (TripZilla, 2018) The Singapore Marvel heroes exhibition is located at the basement of the ArtScience museum by the Marina Bay Sands shops and convention center, and the exhibition time from June 9th to September 31st.

Base on scale (Size) of event, "MARVEL STUDIOS: TEN YEARS OF HEROES" exhibition is a local and community event. This event is mainly aimed at local audiences in Singapore, mainly to satisfy their entertainment and social needs. Audiences can meet people with similar hobbies (love Marvel), make friends and expand their circle of friends when visiting. And base on scope (content) of event, this event is an arts event. This event is often to celebrate and display, but also with some cultural elements, are usually based on a particular theme (Marvel Heroes), available to watch for the audience, and get the chance of Interactive Arts and crafts. After the audience's visit, the audience went to a shop that could buy Marvel theme clothes and daily necessities.

In the next article, I will evaluate the exhibition from the event venue and event staging and production the two event planning components.

Firstly, the event venue. An event planner may work with a wide range of evnet venues and facilities during the course of their work. As far as the definition is concerned, we shall refer a ‘venue’ as being a built structure of facility. The exhibition is in the Singapore ArtScience Museum, the museum is located in Marina Bay Sands, which is the center of Singapore and can be reached by all kinds of traffic. The museum is large and can accommodate many heroes, including the iron man sculpture about 4 meters tall. Experience epic storytelling as you wander the inner sanctums of Stark Tower, travel via the Bifrost, see the spectacular sights of Wakanda, traverse Doctor Strange’s light portal, see the world through the eyes of Ant-Man and the Wasp. From the iron man exhibition area to the last artwork trading area, the event venue can accommodate 100 people at the same time. There are about 300 people participating in exhibitions every day, and weekends can reach 600 people per day. Most of the audience are Marvel fans, age group from 8 to 40 years old, both men and women. ArtScience Museum has held many activities before, such as "50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic" and "Annie Leibovitz A Photographer’s 1990-2005".

Secondly, event staging and production. This concept of staging originates from the fundamentals of theatrical productions at the theatre; but can today be applied quite appropriately to the context of staging and producing events. Any and every event should be envisioned as a form of theatre. The theme is to celebrate the production of Marvel studio 10th anniversary and 20 movies. The theme is to celebrate the production of Marvel Studio 10th anniversary and 20 movies. The power and lights in the exhibition, the iron man's armour can change with the change of light, and the color of Bifrost's lights is diverse.In the exhibition, there is a microfilm of 10 years of development history, 3D surround sound effect and 1080P resolution. Interact with Groot and do what Groot the audience does. Take photos with all the photographers (actors, directors and staff).



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