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Marketing Strategy -Logitech Io

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Essay Preview: Marketing Strategy -Logitech Io

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* Requires high behavioral change as it requires consumers to change their use from an ordinary to a proprietary digital paper which might not be cost efficient to some. Also consumers feel that keyboards are much faster and accurate than handwriting recognition.

* Consumers don't feel / realize the need for this product (i.e., they are quite content with their current state which is the conventional pen and paper and keyboards on desktops and laptops).

* Handwriting recognition has drawn several criticisms in the past and hence customers might be skeptical on the use of io.

* Accuracy has always been an issue with handwriting recognition

* ACCOT model

o Advantage is relatively high as it reduces the clutter of paper and digitizes everything making a life lot easier.

o Might be perceived as a complex product especially to those who are not technology savvy.

o Compatibility low: requires high behavioral change.

o Observability low as handwriting recognition products have been perceived as failure in the past due to various bugs in the technology.

o Trialability low: cannot try on a limited basis before adopting.

"Why consumers don't buy?" (Article in course pack)

o Endowment effect: consumer happy with the way they currently use pen and paper and keyboards on computers, so why change?

o Curse of Knowledge: Since consumers don't appreciate the handwriting recognition technology based on past experiences it might have damaging effect on adoption of IO.

o Is the benefit 3 times the costs? (price too high a loss)

o Based on the 2 X 2 matrix of Figure 7 in the article it seems a product that is a "long haul" (requires a significant amount of time to be adopted).


* Tablet PC's have built in pen input hence eliminating the need for consumers to buy expensive peripherals related to handwriting recognition.

* Laptops



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