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Marketing Proposal:

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To: Amanda Hanna

Date: 02/25/2019

Marketing Proposal:

After considering the environment in Calgary, Canada, I believe it would be beneficial to open up an integrated health and wellness center. From my understanding, you want to take the next step going from part-time consulting service to full time brick and mortar store within the next year. Before making the move I would like to go over a number of variables that can have an impact on your endeavor.

Variables to consider:

  • Target Market (women age 35-65 with med-high income,) corporate clients, customers focused on health and well-being. How are you going to reach your target market?
  • Alberta’s economic environment (despite recession Alberta was forecasted to have the highest GDP per providence. How are you going to get new clients?
  • State of the health and wellness industry, (fastest growing and most resilient markets.)
  • Funding- few options, (bank loans, investors and special funding lending programs.)
  • Competition- (Offering a variety of health related services)

In order to reach your target market, It’s our opinion that we need to conduct surveys of both current cliental and potential customers. The questions I would ask to your current customers would be: Why did you choose POSANA? What makes POSANA stand out? Then I would use these surveys to create a better understanding of my target market.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Rapid growth in the wealth and wellness industry.
  • Personal experience from lacking health and energy, doctors only wanted to write prescriptions. Discovered holistic products and resources that were life changing.
  • Benefits your service offers that other don’t.

Out of all the areas I would focus on in terms of competitive advantage, I would start with personal experience. Because you have tried other forms of remedy in the fast to help heal, I believe you could help your business grow by telling people your story. This will help you relate to your cliental on a personal level.

Although, you believe your company offers a competitive advantage over your competition we must devise a strategy to convince your customers. After looking at the competition map, you have positioned your business at the top of every category. Even though, this may be the case my suggestion would be to get POSANA evaluated by an unbiased third party.



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