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Marketing Project

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Marketing Project

The name of my island is Mini Vegas. Only 1000 students will be allowed on the island per week. The students will win a spot through a lottery. The island is designed to resemble Las Vegas, just without the expensive costs. It will be complete with many different hotspots located directly on its central strip and will also provide guaranteed celebrity sightings. This spring break trip is guaranteed to give each student a once in a lifetime opportunity and vacation to party like a rockstar only without the ridiculous bill.

Upon arrival to the island, each student will need to check into the Star Hotel. It will be the only hotel on the island. The hotel is going to be modeled after the Palms Resort in Las Vegas. The hotel is going to be located right on the beach and will offer over 1000 rooms. It will consist of one main tower and then it will also have bungalows available directly on the beach. The resort hotel will offer several different and interesting types of suites and rooms. Following will be a brief description of each type of suite.

- Grand Suites

- The Grand Suites will offer breathtaking views of the island and the downtown strip. Encompassing over 1,000 square feet, you’ll find a full bar, walk-in closet, separate bedroom and living room, two baths, and oversized beds.

- Salon Suites

- The Salon Suites will offer up to 800 square feet of opulent lounging space, including a separate living room, you’ll have plenty of space to relax. The Salon Suites come fully loaded with a stocked mini bar, CD/DVD combo, Bose sound system, 30” LCD and 42” Plasma TVs. You’ll also be able to skinny dip in your Jacuzzi tub then retreat to the privacy of your bedroom…do whatever you desire, it’s your fantasy.

- Penthouses

- In the Penthouses, you’ll be able to view the island’s skyline at eye level. High atop the tower, these suites are custom designed to party with LCD and plasma screen TVs, Jacuzzi tubs, and, of course, wet bars. It will offer up to 3,000 square feet, a separate living room and bedroom, and a walk-in closet, just to name a few.

- Hardwood Suites

- In the Hardwood Suites, you’ll be able to assemble your own Dream Team. This is one of only two suites in the world with an indoor basketball court. Covering 10,000 square feet on two floors, this party room features a basketball half-court, adjacent separate professional locker rooms with private access, scoreboard, pool table, full bar with lounge and room to dance. The suite also offers three NBA-sized Murphy beds on the basketball court, NBA memorabilia, a large dining area, living/media room, Jacuzzi tub, and 42” plasma TVs. You can also customize your stay with your very own team jerseys and cheerleaders on the sidelines.

- Playpen Suites

- The Playpen Suites offers the ultimate playroom for bad boys and girls вЂ" two luxury suites specifically designed for private bachelor or bachelorette parties. These bachelor suites are decorated in a retro вЂ?60s color pattern. They offer provocative features such as dancer poles, in-wall Murphy beds, strobe and techno lighting and wooden dance floors. Plasma screens and superior sound systems complement the dance floors in the suites, which include all necessary elements for an intimate affair.

The hotel will also offer 7 specialized suites. These suites are listed below with a brief description.

- Party Floor Suites

- G-Suite

- This suite boasts a 2,500 square foot suite modeled after the ghostbar. The suite totally replicates the look and vibe but in a private setting, the living room and full bar mimic the furniture and decorations you’d find in the original ghostbar. The bedroom is an original creation. It offers iPod Hi-Fi, a pool table, and an exact replica of the original ghost bar.

- Erotic Suite

- This suite is extremely sexy and very suggestive. It features a full bar, dancing poles, iPod Hi-Fi, and an eight-foot round rotating bed.

- Hot Pink Suite

- This suite is the ultimate bachelorette pad. Hot pink dÐ"©cor reigns supreme with silver accents and touches of fur. Extras include an extra-large Jacuzzi tub, Hollywood-style dressing vanity and mirrored terrazzo bubble floor. Not to mention a two-way fireplace to stay warm, along with bathrobes and an entertainment center to keep you up on all the action. It also boasts a full bar, plasma TVs, steam shower, a superior sound system, custom controlled TVs and drapes, amazing island views, and about 2,350 square feet.

- Kingpin Suite

- This 4,240 square foot suite offers two full sized bowling lanes, complete with regulation bowling equipment, two bedrooms, and three bathrooms. It also features LCD and plasma TVs throughout the suite, a pool table, full bar, iPod Hi-Fi, and theater size projection television with lounge.

- The Crib Suite

- This 2,000 square foot suite offers a DJ booth, back bar, pool table, “sound seating,” iPod Hi-Fi, hydraulic bed, and an expanded bathroom and dressing area with a saltwater fish tank.

- The Celebrity Suite

- The Celebrity Suite will give you the opportunity to live like a movie star. This 2,000 square-foot suite offers so many great amenities. It boasts a luxury living room, full bar, walk-in closet, vanities, and plenty of plasma TVs to watch your latest blockbuster. It also offers a full bar, a two-way fireplace, steam shower, Jacuzzi tubs, a superior sound system, and custom controlled TVs and drapes.

- Director’s Suite

- The director’s suite offers everything you need to direct your next Hollywood hit. This suite offers a Jacuzzi tub, full bar, a two-way fireplace, walk-in closet, steam shower, a superior sound system, and many more.

For those patrons who wish to stay in a simpler room, we offer 2 guestrooms and a junior suite.

- Deluxe Guestrooms

- Offer a spacious and comfortable room available with two double beds or one king size bed. These deluxe rooms boast 27”



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