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Marketing Paper

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Barnes and Noble is one of the biggest booksellers in the world. This wasn't always so. B&N started off as a small bookstore in New York City. During that time, the store was not doing very well. Actually, it was about to close when it was bought by another store. Being bought out was one of the best things that could have happened to the store. Barnes and Noble today, has changed the way people shop for books; whether it is in one of their stores, or online. B&N has revolutionized the book buying experience. I want to discuss two ways in which they have done that. One way that B&N has done this is by making their stores so comfortable and inviting, and two is by opening their online store.

Walking into a Barnes and Noble, I feel immediately comfortable. The way they have their stores set up makes it easy to browse, explore, and even to sit and read. With their cafes, comfy couches and chairs, B&N encourages customers to enjoy themselves. They are selling a whole experience, not just a book (Barnes and That is what makes them so unique in the book business.

With the opening of their online store, B&N at first had problems. It was in 1996, that they first launched and estimated expense was over 50 million dollars ( The reason for the problems was that the internet was relatively new, and Amazon had already carved out a niche for books online. It was in the combining of the brick and mortar store, and online services that saved the internet selling. Another thing that B&N did to make themselves different from Amazon, was to offer used books, out of print books, and rare books. Combining these features, with the stores has made the merging of online and physical locations a success.

The target markets for B&N's physical stores are mainly to people who want the experience, not just a book. These people are usually more highly educated than the general population. They want experienced booksellers who are knowledgeable about where books are located, what books are out by a certain author and knowledge of books in general (Barnes and The target market for their online customers, are for those who want the convenience of selection, but without the need to go to a store. For these customers, having the selection at their fingertips, makes it easier for them to get something they want. With a click of a mouse button, they have what they want, and it is shipped directly to their homes. Also with B&N online, often, the prices for books are a little cheaper than in their retail stores.



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