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Marketing Environment

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The Marketing Environment

The environment forces that affect the company's ability to serve its customers

1. External Environment

2. Internal Environment

External Environment

Macro Environment: consist of larger societal forces that affect the entire microenvironment. The six forces making up the company's microenvironment

* Demographic

* Economic

* Natural

* Technological

* Political

* Cultural Forces

Demographic is the study of the characteristics of human populations.

* Age structure

* Shifting family profiles

* Geographic population shits

* A better educates and more white collar population and increasing diversity

Economic Environment consists of factors that affect buying power and patterns

* More consumer concern for value

* Shifting consumer spending pattern

Consumers are seeking greater value just the right combination of good quality and service at a fair price.

The natural of environment show three major trends:

* Shortage of certain raw materials

* Higher pollution levels

* Government intervention in natural resource management

Technology Environment

* Rapid pace of technological change

* High



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