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Mark by Erin Hanson

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In the poem ‘MARKS’, written by Erin Hanson, the author uses a variety of language techniques to emphasize the moral of the poem. The poem emphasizes the backstory of a town girl, “who dropped seeds everywhere she went” and was segregated by town boys, “they’d laugh at her and tell her, she would never make a mark”. As we got Through the story we experience the narrator’s feeling of guilt, happiness and excitement.

Also, as mentioned earlier, there have been a use of language techniques such as metaphors, personifications and rhythm. one of these language techniques, is in the 17th line down, the narrator makes a use of personification quoting “now drown beneath a sea of green” stating that the sidewalks are now covered by trees and grass by so giving the streets a human like features which they lack. Another personification was established in 20th line down quoting “an endless forest proudly stands” again giving the forest a human like features, stating the size, and enrichment of the forest. at the end of the poem, some interesting bias was introduced in the 23th line down, the narrator teaches us that people who are worth listening to, don’t always have the loudest voices, which touches and educates the audience. Another language technique used through the poem is rhythm, making the poem flow and easier to follow.

In the image shown above representing a recently established forest that was described in the poem, we see several trees and soft leafy grass, but our eyes are drawn to the background, to depth of the forest, we see the narrators’ perspective of the forest where he quotes “an endless forest proudly stands” stating the size, and healthiness of the forest.

The poem ‘Marks’ by Erin Hanson is a touching yet educational poem, that teaches the consumers some ethical teachings of life.



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