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Managing People at Work

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Essay Preview: Managing People at Work

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  1. A very good afternoon! My name is Eunice and today I have my team with me, ….
  2. Today, we will be bringing you through the journey of the organisational culture of ST Electronics (e-services) and how it has fared across the years under Ms Karen, our interviewee’s leadership.

  1. Before we begin, let me introduce to you more about the company itself

  1. The company was established in 2007 to provide a wide range of outsourcing services across functions such as Payroll and Benefits, financial accounting and many more for their clients to leverage on
  1. Being the first home-grown multi-functional service provider, ST Electronics holds a strong mission to deliver quality services which aims to enhance the value and convenience to its network of clients such as
  1. WDA, Sport Singapore, Sentosa to name a few
  2. However, with its services being involved in many functions, the firm also faces many competitors such as Certis cisco, Accenture
  1. Over the duration of the project, we got the opportunity to interview one of Singapore’s most respected women leaders, Ms Karen Tan. Through her 23 years in SAF, Karen pride herself on bringing a personal touch to the organisation, by promoting a positive work culture and the importance of bonding. This is being reflected in her quote  “I’m a people person. I believe in leadership by example, in earning respect and not commanding respect by rank.”
  1. And this unique leadership and management style got her being promoted as Singapore’s first female colonel, and till today remains as a strong inspiration to many young women joining in the SAF.
  2. In 2007, Karen retired from her ranks to join the ST Electronics as Assistant GM and as of today became promoted as the current GM of ST Electronics (e-services).
  1. Under the leadership of Ms Karen, she places strong emphasis on staying true to their core values of the company which has helped them to create a company and a work environment which employees are proud to work for. And today, such focus has allowed us to enjoy much success in the industry.
  1. Here are some of the traits Karen looks out for in individuals joining the company,  
  1. Customer oriented, patience to suit the service line demands, while delivering service excellence to client
  2. Karen also seeks out individuals beyond their paper qualifications such as strong cca records which displays their leadership qualities as well as being able to work well as a team player.
  1. Hence, the scope of our presentation today talks about the problem ST Electronics faced prior to Karen’s assumption of General manager role, and how during Karen’s tenure as GM, she has implemented solutions to tackle this problem.
  2. Vanessa will now talk more about the problem identified and how it affected the company.



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