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Managing People And Performance

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Essay Preview: Managing People And Performance

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a. Propose various recruitment sources and methods for developing a pool of sufficient number of candidates for hiring the most suitable salespersons. Justify your proposal.

Recruiting the right sales person to sell and represent the company in the market place can be a very challenging and demanding experience for any organization. It takes as much skill if not more; to pick a champion sales person as it does to pick a champion horse? There is a lot more at stake than a few dollars on the Melbourne Cup each November, business, clients and the reputation of company relies upon the ability to pick the right horse. The various sources and method of recruiting right candidates for sales persons can be from following:

Internal Sources: (Within the Organization)

Internal Method:

• Job posting: This can be one of the good methods for this job as within the organization there can be a suitable candidate who knows much about the product and is very good in dealing with the customer over the phone.

• Employee referrals: Sometimes employee referrals also work as they know exactly which type of candidate is needed and they can referred the person matching with our requirement.

External Sources: (Outside the Organization)

External Method:

• Advertisement: Advertisement in the newspaper, in television and radio can be the best option to get more than the sufficient number of applicants. As specification and requirement is written there for this job.

• Campus visits: This can be the other good method to get the fresh candidates for this kind of work. College students are full of zest and enthusiastic to work and know the different way to pursue the customers to buy the products. They are always willing to learn and work hard.

• Employment Agencies: These are other method to recruit candidates. These agencies know the criteria of the company and according to that only they choose the best candidates required for a particular job.

b. Now assume that your recruitment drive generates around 600 applicants who meet the basic eligibility requirements. Which selection predictors would you recommend for making selection decisions? Why? Propose an appropriate selection approach with justification.

Well I accept that there is no 100% cast iron guaranteed approach that will always produce the exact person/job role match every time. This is because at the end of the day we are dealing with the most intangible of all resources, and that is people. For this kind of job I would prefer psychometric test and interview with multiple predictor approach to select the candidates. This kind of job needs mental stability as well as cool headed person as the cases of abuse and harassment on phone is very high in this kind of job. It’s not very easy to sale products over phone. A person needs a pursing, speaking and quick response ability to be in this job. His/ Her voice should be leading and full of confidence and this all can be tested and examined through psychometric test where we can give a series of questionnaire and then two or three round of interview based on there answer. This will help us to get the right person for this job.

a. Propose various recruitment sources and methods for developing a pool of sufficient number of candidates for hiring the most suitable managers. Justify your proposal.

Search and selection of candidates are the two major steps within the recruitment process determining the outcome of recruitment. As mentioned before, local search for candidates is much more common than global search, especially for middle management positions and any positions below. The three main sources used in the recruitment process in order to attract suitable candidates are recruitment agencies/headhunters, newspaper advertisements, and online job portal advertisements.



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