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Management And Leadership

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We will be discussing managers and leaders. First, I will discus the differences between managers and leaders. Next, I will discuss the role and responsibilities of leaders in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. Last, I will discuss my ideas to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture.

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Management and Leadership

First, lets discuss the differences between managers and leaders. Let's start with managers. Managers are your bosses they are the ones who are in charge. A manager is someone who makes sure the job gets done. They do not care how many hours you work or what your efforts were all they want to hear is that the job is done on time and correctly. A manager coordinates what needs to be done and what recourses they have at their disposal. They will utilize their recourses to their fullest extent possible. Managers want to get the greatest output with the smallest input. A manager can survive without their peers liking them. The people above them look at what they have accomplished. Managers will delegate what needs to be done and follow up on it. A manager's job is to manage all of the resources and ensure everything is going well. Leaders on the other hand need to be respected. A leader must be good with people and be on a personal level with their team. A good leader can get his team to do something they may not like by selling them on it. A leader needs to be a role model someone the team looks up to. Leaders need to motivate their team to get the job done and have sense of accomplishment. Leaders must be caring and understanding of their team members. The most important trait a leader must have is integrity. If you cannot trust your leader you will not follow him.

Now, I will discuss the role and responsibilities leaders have in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. Leaders play a very important part to the success of an organization. You need leaders to inspire your employees to excel and do great for your organization. Leaders will bring the good out of the team and get them to produce the best product. An organization with good leaders will have a better product and happier employees. When your employees are motivated to get the job done they are more likely to stay with you and come to work everyday with a smile on their face. With good leaders your employees will be ready to take on the next challenge. Leaders have a very important role in an organization along with many responsibilities. The number one responsibility a leader has to their team is integrity. A leader can make or break an organization. This is why you need strong leaders if you want to survive. Leaders also need to be caring. They need to know their team. A good leader will know who he can go to for certain task and how far he can push the



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