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Love Story Against All Odds

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Against All Odds

It was a gloomy day in the Big Apple and Kate was out shopping to relieve the stress she has had. She was walking down Madison Avenue when it started pouring rain. She looked around to find a safe dry spot, she found a little place called “Serindipity” and rushed inside to save the her newly bought items. That’s when she turned around and saw him.

Zachary had just started his shift at “Serindipity”, the most popular coffee shop on Madison Avenue, when he noticed a tall, blonde woman scurry into the shop. She turned around and sure enough it was her, Kate Glosswood, Zach’s ex love. They haven’t talked in over a month, since the incident.

Let me give a little back story. A divine, rich, Upper East Side girl fell for an unwealthy, charming, yet nerdy boy and expected their love to work. When word reached Lily, Kate’s mother, she immediately made her daughter end it. She felt as though this was protecting Kate from getting used for her title and wealth. Kate tried to convince her mother that their love was sentimental and real, but Lily refused to see it. She sent Kate off to live with her father in New Jersey for a few weeks to repair her broken heart.

“ Kate? “

“ Zachary, um hey, I had no idea you worked here or I would’ve stayed away. “ Kate said

“But why? Are you back now? There has to be a reason you came here. “ Zach firmly arugued.

“ No reason, just coffee. “ Kate answered.

“ Can we at least talk about what happened?” Zach suggested.

“ Zach you know I love you, but we can’t be together. My mom would freak out if she even knew we were talking”, kate responded ,” but I need to go.” She then turned around to walk out the door. Zach ran from behind the counter to block the door.

“ Please don’t go”, Zach pleaded ,” if you care about us or me at all, don’t go.”

“ I’m sorry Zach.” Kate cried running out of the coffee shop.

Their dramatic scene had come to an end and Zach felt hopeless about love.

“ So you just left him at the coffee shop with no explanation? I thought I taught you better than that! “ Avery yelled to Kate.

“ Well how could I explain to him that I love him but my mom will never allow of us together because of how he’s apart of the lower class.” Kate said.

“ You need to say exactly that, the truth. Look Kate, I don’t know what you could possibly see in Zach because he’s nowhere near as hot as the boys you should be interested in. But I know you love him and he loves you. You need to get your mom off your back and do some sort of romantic gesture for Zach.” Avery suggested.

“ That’s a great idea, but I just can’t, he’ll never forgive me for what I said. “ Kate cried.

“ We’ll see about that.” Avery mumbled.



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