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A Love Story (Six Degrees Of Separation)

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Essay Preview: A Love Story (Six Degrees Of Separation)

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A Love Story (Six Degrees Of Seperation)

Chapter 1: Intro

Surrounded by chaos, he entered a new life. A life where he felt he could be free and relaxed. He questioned a lot of things and he was really skeptical about certain people. He was taught always be cautions of those you encounter. With that in mind at times he found himself distant from others. As the years went by he slowly changed and he became a little more adequate of others. In his mind he knew he had to change, but at times he was a little scared because he felt he lived in an opinionated world. The time came and he sought after what he needed most. He is now a man with a story, a man who has found his way through the struggles of life, a man that no longer stands in his own shadow but steps out of the dark so his story can be heard: A Love Story.

Standing in formation waiting for the ceremony to be over he replays thoughts of a past loved one he smiles as he relives the moment in his mind. "FALL OUT"! the platoon searngent yelled. His routine is pretty much the same everyday he doesn't try to change it: formation, work, PT, lunch, work, formation, home. He's currently in a relationship that he really could care less about. "I wish she could be here with me, but what's the odds of that happening, relationships are way to complicated, I tell her that I love her but deep down I really don't. I just wish I could love her the way she deserved to be loved but I can't so I guess its best if I just move on. I need her though, I wonder if she needs me. She probably doesn't and it's probably best that we go our separate ways." "Hey Lee, get over here right now! Lee, we need you to go pick some supplies up from S4. Okay, just tell the items I need to get. On my to S4 I envision her I can see her and she is everything I want in woman, I can



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