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Loss of My Mother

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The loss of mother death motivated me to attend Trident Technical College. Ever since I lost my mother I felt helpless and wanted to give up but I didn’t because I know she wanted the best for me. To me college is an important place that can lead you to a bright and successful future. I’m the type of person that wants to become something out of life and make my mother proud. My motivation to keep going and go to college has always been my mother telling me what she expects of me. Going to college can open doors for me in the future that can lead me in to better things in life.

My mothers have always persuaded me to actually go to college and become someone important. My loving mother wanted the best for me and that’s what she always told me to do so by going to college I know I am doing the right thing to succeed. Since I’m one of the oldest kids out of my siblings I wanted to show them that you can become who you want to be. In order to become successful you have to have faith in yourself and have determination. There are more expectations for me now than there was before. Since my mother death I have proved e to people that I can achieve better things and be successful as I put my mind to it. College is very important it shows what I’m capable of doing as long as I’m strong and willing to become successful. I know that staying focus and having a clear mind would allow me to achieve my goals. At the end I believe college would allow me to chase my dreams and live a wonderful life in the career that I desire.



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