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Lord Of The Rings

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Essay Preview: Lord Of The Rings

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The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R Tolkien

Frodo and his party must journey to the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie.

And destroy the ring by

which the very fires from which it were once made. The quest begins, directed by Gandalf and Frodo's party of Sam,

Mary, and Pippin. Together they travel the roads and through a great

blizzard until night. The Hobbits were well to entertain and were taken notice by a man,

by the name of Strider. He took aim on their quest and was pleased to aid in

their cause. Gandalf had left them to seek the wisdom of another wizard.

With Strider and the remaining party they traveled the country

where they would find new adventurers along the way. Many times came that they

were tempted to misuse the ring. But Frodo's will held strong. Up unto the

climax of events, when the ring raids came to take what once belonged to them.

In a moment of weakness, Frodo placed the ring on his finger. He vanished from

his party's sight. "Take the ring off Frodo!", they yelled. But he was frozen

in his steps. Determined to get it they approached him. In a brave attempt to

protect the ring, Frodo ran up to them, held the sting high in the air,

attempting to strike one of them. But he failed And took a wound

to his side. He then somehow managed to get back on his horse and ride away

across a shallow stream. All that separated them now was the stream. "The ring,

the ring..", carried through the crowd of riders. Frodo was tired, he shouted

out, "By all the Shire you will have neither I nor the ring! Go back to the

land of Mordor and follow me no more!". Then by some magic the waters in the

stream gathered and seemed to come alive into huge horse-like wave. And it

swallowed the riders as they tried to cross, washing them away down river.

He had beaten them this time. All was silent, and when Frodo regained all consciousness he found himself in a warm, well-rested bed.

Uncle Bilbo at his side.

Tolkien described the setting well, he took his time. Tolkien drew detailed maps and regularly updated the fellowship's location in text. The story constantly reminded me of a online game called Runescape which is somewhat based upon Tolkien's books. Saradomin is a character in Tolkien's writing and he is also in Runescape . The book pleased me to the extent that if I head the time I'd read it again.

Several times in the story if Frodo used the ring to get the riders off his back , if Frodo didn't do this then the may have died . The ring causes him to disappear



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