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Long Ago

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LongÑ' long ago in the middle of the forest of South America lived a lonely princess. Nobody really knew her not even her servants' .Mainly she kept everything to herself .The princess was a lonely young lady she had no bothers or sisters to play with and her parents were busy all the time but as always they wanted her to marry the right man so she was waiting to find the right one. One day when walking though her garden she had noticed the gardener's son Carlos. That instant she felt in love with him but she knew that her parents would never accept him.

One evening she went up to him to talk to him but he denied her and told her that her parents will never accept him. That night she went home crying and wishing that Carlos would be a prince suddenly a magical fairy appeared in front of her. The princess looking at her in shook asked the fairy who she was smiling the fairy responded m your fairy god mother I've come to grant you a wish. As soon as she heard that she decided to wish to make Carlos a prince.

So the fairy made sure that was what she wanted said the magic words and waved her waned. As soon the fairy left he turned into a handsome prince. The next day Carlos went into the princess room and woke her up. After she saw him he wowed her she felt happy because she would be able to marry him. So they went to her parent's office to talk to them about getting married with her they accepted the deal and they were on their way to getting married.

Three years later have passed and their still together grown the family that they have always wished for and now n days they're living happily ever after.



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