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How Long Have People Been On Earth

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-Scientists disagree about how long people have been on earth

- 40,000years to 2 million

1 discoveries in Africa

2 Tanzania - acehaeologists found remains that may be million years old

3 Also found tools - stone with charpedges

4 Technology - the use of skills and tools to meet practical needs

5 Stone tools found in the great rift valley in tanzania

6 Old stone age the period of human prehistory that lasted until about 12000 years ago during which stone tools were the most common technology used by humans

7 Remains of ancient animal bones found with the stone tools suggest that early people hunted for survival

8 Technology of firebuilding made it possible to cook food for the first time and people could more into colder climates

9 Border cave - Zululand on the northeastern tip of south Africa

10 Border cave people

11 Lined the caves dirt floor with grass for bedding

12 Made campfires to cook on and to cook on and to light the caves drakes

13 Traveled far to hunt the eland herds

14 Used bows and arrows to kill animals for food

15 Knew about planets - food medicine

16 They were hunter - gatherers people of the old stone age who met their needs by hunting animals and gathering plants

17 Small baby buried with a seashell bead: reveals importnt things about the border cave people the baby was deeply ared for people believed the baby would

18 Live



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