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Little Mix Webpage

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Little mix

●Little mix are in the pop genre, I know this because of the type of music they sing, and their song lyrics are more important than the background music, and they often repeat verses.

●On the bands homepage is a picture of the girls, all wearing clothing which has some form of red on it with a bright pink background. Colour connotation is being used here because the red is darker than the pink, the red will automatically stand out, making the girls stand out.

●On the home page is a picture of the girls from littlemix,all pulling silly faces, the image is being promoted that the girls have a bubbly personality and aren’t one hundred percent serious all the time.

●In the middle of the front page, going right across are all the different pages you can go to on the website in bright white and big bold letters to stand out from the pink background and as you hover over one of the links with the mouse, the background goes black making the white stand out even more. This will encourage you to carry on navigating on the website because often when things stand out its because they are something good or important.

a bands webpage is important because it is the first thing its audience may see when enetering their name in to a search page, the website can not be over crowded but must also show enough information for the viewer to get an understandong of what the band is all about and their style. their may also be enticing option on the page such as tour dates, merchandise, artist profiles, links to social media accounts, clips of their music and much more.



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