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Linux Operating System

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Linux Operating System

From its humble beginnings in 1991, Linux has matured into an operating system that is in use worldwide. Easily distributed through many methods, Linux has been developed by users into a hugely diversified operating system that is in use by large companies, academic institutions and individual users. The free source code has been a big advantage, which has allowed Linux to become a success in a short period of time.

At this time, there are over three hundred different distributions in place. Distributions are classified many ways. A few of those are commercial or non-commercial, regular user or power user, servers or desktops. Slackware, Red hat, and CentOS are some of the more well known Linux distributions. A major factor in the success of Linux is the diversity of the distributions. They can be designed for specific hardware, or highly specified according to the needs of the user group.

From my research, it seems that almost any application that can run on Windows can also run on Linux, plus Linux has many more options than Windows for the user. Text editors, Word processors, Web servers and Databases are only a few of the applications that run on Linux. Scientific Applications are much more advanced as well as Graphic Applications. This is why Linux is so popular with any business that uses graphics or scientific applications on a regular basis.

Many companies that support and use Linux are using their knowledge of the product to educate the public. Not only businesses, colleges are getting in on the game. Berkeley is one of the biggest supporters of Linux. Berkeley not only uses Linux, but develops it as well. The Linux Foundation is also a large supporter. The Linux Professional Institute is a company that works in the certification of Linux professionals. LPI works both on a global and community level to introduce programs



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