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Like Water For Chocolate

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Tita and Rosoura

Tita and Rosoura are two very different people in the novel "Like Water for Chocolate". They have almost opposite personalities. Tita is very free spirited, and more opened minded. On the other hand Rosoura is more closed minded and more "traditional". The rivalry that Tita and Rosoura have seems as if it started years before they even knew what love was.

Ever since they were children, Tita and Rosoura have had a sister rivalry. In the novel it describes and incident that happen when all three sister were playing in the kitchen. How Rosoura burnt her hands on the stove, after Tita showed her how to make the water dance on the skillet. Tita was very playful, and very warm and also intelligent when it came to the knowledge of cooking. Rosoura never wanted to learn or wanted to be in the kitchen after that, and it seems as if she was always jealous of Tita in a way.

Tita never liked the fact that just because she was the youngest daughter in her family that she had to live with her mother the rest of her life. Tita was willing to fight against her mother to be happy, because she new that just because it was a family tradition it didn't justify it being correct. Tita wanted to love, because she had someone that loved her.

Although Tita was very free spirited, she never found the strength to stand up to Mama Elena and tell her how she truly felt until Mama Elena died. She knew what her mother was doing to her was not the right thing to do but most of the time she kept mum about it.

Knowing that Pedro didn't love her, Rosoura still accepted to marry him. By doing so, this showed the kind of person Rosoura is. She was very obedient, closed minded, and vulnerable. She never questioned anything that her mother told her to do, and thought that Pedro loved her. She was very ignorant. Towards the end of the story when she moved back into the ranch with Tita and Chencha, it seemed as if Rosoura was becoming a clone of Mama Elena. She was very bitter, and the stench that kept eroding from her body, represented her rottenness inside.

Resembling Mama Elena, Rosoura only seemed to care about what other people thought of her and her family. Her family name mattered more to her that the happiness of her sister or her daughter. Rosoura demonstrated that trait when she was having the discussion with Tita. "Look, it would be better if we didn't dig up the past; I don't care what Pedro's motives were in marrying me. The fact I s he did. I'm not going to let you two make a fool out



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