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Life, by Marshall Mathers

What is life, life is like a big obstacle, that trys to hold you down,

And just when you think your strong enough to get past it, its going come back around and tackle you to the damn group,

What are friends, friends are people that you think are you friends, but there really your enemies in secret identities, in disguises to hide there true colours, and just when you think your close enough to be brothers their going to come around and cut your throught when your not looking,

What is money, money is what makes a man act funny, money is the root of all evil, money will make them same friends came back around and act like they was always down,

What is life, i'm tired of life, i tired of back stabing ass snakes with friendly grins, i'm tired of commitin so many sins, i'm tired of givin in when this bottle of henny sings, i'm tired of not having any ins

But if I had a million dollars i'd buy and damn brewery and turn the planet into alcholics,

If I had one wish it would be to have a big enough ass for the whole world to kiss,

You know what i'm saying, shit around me, shit I see.... IFF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS, I could spend to troubles free, if I Had A Million Dollars... It wouldn't wouldn't be enough cause i'd still be out robbing armoured trucks, you know what i'm saying, if I had a million dollarsss

Yeah, sue me



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