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Lassi Exam

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Kelton McMillom


KSU 1101-9:30am

In the LASSI Exam I gained a better understanding of my study skills/habits. The scores I received are pretty accurate because I never really had study habits in high school. Out of ten categories, only two were above the 50th percentile, one being in the 75th. The other eight categories ranged from scores 45-5. This exam has helped me to see which exact categories I need to improve in to gain better study habits/skills to help me become a better student and succeed in college.

In the test my strongest category was Information Processing. This category test a student in how well he/she uses things such as organization strategies and reasoning skills as learning strategies to help them formulate ideas between what they already know and what they are trying to learn to remember. Another strong category for me was Self-Testing. Self-Testing is pretty much self explanatory, but it is when you test yourself on the material you have learned to give yourself a guide to see what you actually know and don’t know. Examples of self testing can be anything from just trying to put the material in your own words to creating your own practice test.

My two weakest categories were Anxiety and Test Strategies; I received a five in both categories. Pretty much, Anxiety is fear. Because of anxiety I tend to worry a lot for major text and exams, I also worry about how I will do in the class a lot. After yesterday with the guest speaker I’ve learned anxiety is very normal and is a mindset that can be learned to overcome. Finally there is Test Strategies, which is a student’s ability to prepare for test and exams. According to the LASSI, the first step to better test taking is to prepare. Some of their techniques include:

  • Focusing on understanding, as opposed to memorizing
  • Developing ways to test your understanding of material
  • Starting your studying early, giving yourself plenty of time
  • Doing practice problems and answering sample questions
  • Using various study aids to help you learn
  • Identifying key information that might be on the test

Even though we haven’t had our first test in Calculus1190 yet, I can tell that the strategies I scored well in are working for me and have helped me to better understand the material. Because of the LASSI, I know which categories of study habits I need to work on. Some more than others but there is always room for improvement when it comes to learning.  If I follow the strategies/information I gained from the LASSI I will most definitely improve my study skills/habits and become a more successful college student.



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