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Minorities Exam

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1. A minority is less than half, part of a group. If a majority is most, then a minority is least.

Five Characteristics Minority Groups Share:

*Minorities are people singled out because of unequal treatment. Women, blacks, homosexuals...the list goes on for people who are treated unfairly for reasons they can't control.

*Minorities are people who share characteristics such as family values and ethnic pride. Generally, each group has some sort of distinct identity that makes them different from others.

*Minorities lack power and status and have some sort of social disadvantage.

*Minorities help (the the best word) the social structure. The rich stay rich and the poor remain poor. It helps to perpetuate the social class hierarchy.

*Lastly, minorities might not even be a minority. Women happen to outnumber men in America, but it's for lack of power and old-fashioned views, they are still considered minority.

(((Race doesn't exist; therefore, it's almost impossible to answer these questions. If race doesn't exist, then racism doesn't either.)))

2. *Race is a political and economic mean to keep a social hierarchy. It's social Darwinism at its best. *There are more interracial differences than there are differences between two races. Race is only a look at outward physical appearance, skin color only. Also, as *evolution would have it, children of 'interracial' couples further the progression toward 'one race'. Race is made up. People who live closer to the poles have lighter skin, likewise, people who live near the equator have darker skin. If we judged race by skin color, then Brazilians and Kenyans would be of the same race, Mexicans and Chinese. *There is no correlation between geography and racial differences. Europeans and South Africa people share very similar *DNA traits, but when it comes to skin color, they are categorized into different races. Race is bullshit to keep people 'in their place'.

3. Hate groups: *They tend to be larger in number in populous places (No groups in ND and piles of them in NY and SC). There are a large number of Black Americans in the South. There also happens to be quite a few of anti-Black groups in the South. *These groups are forming where their 'enemies' live. I don't see why these people don't move somewhere where they don't have to see the things they hate, instead they dwell



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