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Las432 Week 1 Webex

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In the WebEx,tThe professor talked about his availability and the fact he will be missing the first two weeks for personal time. Professor also talked about the easiest way to reach him via the schools email. The office hours were provided and suggestions to meet during these two weeks to see our teammates face to face and brain storm.

During the discussion the professor went over to the group project with our teams, the details of the group project. He stressed the fact that we need to communicate with the teammates and take charge of our work so that the other members are not affected by not doing the work. Which is very important in a group because everyone has to participate, and everyone has things going on in their personal life but communicating is a big thing so that we can help each other.

The professor gave quite a bite of example on topics for the group project and how we can bring this together. He broke down the ins and outs of the team project and the grading. I am still confused on what it is we are writing about, but I will be sure to ask the professor.

Professor then started to discuss the natural resources that we go through in the world and how fast we are going through them. Even though the resources multiply the world is still using more than what the earth can actual create. He came up with a valuable point the fac that if everyone was given an acre that would be all of North America. If you think about it we drive from state to state and there are hundreds of miles of just trees that are there. There is plenty of space in the world for everyone to have a acre. Also with the environment and being hit with toxins like from 18 wheelers, buses, trucks, cigarettes, etc. There is so much in the world that we can use as resources and then there is much that takes that away so much faster.



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