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Language of African Literature

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Assignment no. 1

Submitted to:

Ma’am Zain-Ul-Maqsood

Submitted by:

Irum Khalid


M. Eng (IV)

Submission date:

6th May, 2018.

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What do you think about use of English language in our context as well as African considering the two essays?

This assignment relies on the stance keeping in view the two different preferences as the use of English language and shunning the English language. These two ideas relates to the promotion of the culture of a part, area or a country through the literature written in English language or the language of that country. These two directions emerged after the conference that held in 1962, which serve the main purpose of knowing what African literature basically is?

When writers related to different ethnic groups falling under umbrella term; African culture, came together to ponder on the true definition of African literature. From this point onwards, two basic ideologies spring forth. First ideology having the view of famous African writer, Chinua Achebe, that English must be used in order to have recognition among other parts of the world, as not all people coming from different countries or continents can understand African languages. He, in a way embraced the language of colonizers in order to get that status of having universal audience. On the other hand, another writer named, Ngugi wa Thiang'o relates to the ideology that the African writers should reject the idea of using English language and must ponder on writing in their own respective languages, as it was to be considered the promotion of their culture through their own languages.

Now taking forth these two points, we can develop our ideas of whether to embrace or shun a language. Talking about my point, I am of the view that the idea of embracing and taking forth English language serves as the betterment of a country or that part of a world which literature is being produced. Considering it a need of time, we can say that there isn't any issue that literature of an area being published in other languages rather than the language of their own.

Coming from a country having influence of colonizers, I can consider this point that how the use of English language is important for an area or part of a world. As many Pakistani writers made use of English language to portray the cultural and religious aspects and even social norms. They didn't completely let go of their own languages but continued to write in a language that is universally accepted and appreciated. As we can clearly see that our Pakistani writers, though coming from different parts of world, made use of English language to portray our culture beautifully. Writers and poets like Taufiq Rafat, Daud Kamal, Sara suleri etc. made use of English language to depict Pakistani idioms, cultural aspects and religious understanding to a vast audience. In this way, they introduced their culture to different people related to different parts of the world by simply embracing a universally known language. In the same way, Achebe puts forth the idea of depicting his own culture, religion and social setup by using English language in order to increase readability among different parts of world due to the literature's nature of being understandable.



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