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Kudler Fine Foods Management Assignment

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Running Head: Management Assignment

University of Phoenix

Overview of Management Assignment

Overview of Management Assignment

To gain a competitive advantage in today's market companies must understand the necessity of gathering intelligence. The intelligence gathered will assist a company to understand the needs of the employees and the consumers. The new information will help management formulate strategies against factors that impede growth. Strategies can be a process that changes the entire culture of a company or directed at one particular factor. In the communications industry, AT&T is launching a new product called U-Verse. U-Verse is a technology that streams video through the phone lines. AT&T's fierciest competitor, Cox Communications, must gain loyalty by its current customers not to switch over to AT&T; therefore, they developed a strategy. The strategy is to gain trust and loyalty from its consumers by providing world class customer service +1. The technicians and service representatives are going into training classes and learning how to meet every need of the customer. This strategy is directed at one main factor, loyalty. Kudler Fine Foods must recognize the major factors that could jeopardize their position in their market. By becoming aware of the reality of the industry, using new technology to assist in the battle, and following a competitive forces model, Kudler Fine Foods will maintain or gain a competitive edge.

Identifying the primary functions of management will help provide skills of success for managerial success. There are four primary functions of management: Planning and strategizing, organizing, leading and controlling, and decision making. (ch.1 pg.13, Gomez and Balkin) The chart below describes who is responsible for each function. Planning helps different parts of the organization set future objectives; Organizing involves specifying how the firm's human, financial, physical, informational, and technical resources are arranged and coordinated; Leading is energizing people to contribute; and Controlling consist of measuring performance, comparing companies objectives, implementing changes, and monitoring progress. (Ch.1 pg14-16, Gomez)

The development of technology has help companies develop and grow at a rapid pace. The problem with technology is the amount of options there are. The options are overwhelming and can lead a company to invest in the wrong information system, poor consultants, or technology that is not suited for the company's needs. At the end, poor planning can drain a company for useless intelligence. Currently, Kudler uses a server for it POS (point of sell), at each location. The Encinitas location does not have a NT server, but the other two locations have one. Kudler uses a MRP system to track and manage inventory and material and downloads in an Access database. Telecommunications cost for T1 lines at each location are a current cost issue. An intranet site is used to communicate between locations, employees and management. An internet site is used to communicate to the consumers. Kudler does not have an extranet site for its suppliers. Their current system affects management because the employees are concerned about the efficiency of some of the current systems, and management is concerned about the cost. Management needs to come up with a win/win solution. Management must meet the needs of the employees in order continue to motivate



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