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Kreative Toy Corporation

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary        2

Scope statement        2

Network Diagram        5

WBS        6

Analyzing of risk        9

Conclusion        11

References        12

Executive Summary

This report explains the new project of the “Kreative Toy Corporation” which is to create new toy based on cartoon character on time  for the holidays in December session that is about to come. This report include the scope statement, high level budget WBS, network diagram, analysis of risk  and contingency plan.

Scope statement

Project objective

To introduce a toy based on popular cartoon character as a new product out for Christmas. Product must meet production and delivery criteria to ensure it for Christmas season. The date of delivery is September 19, 19 weeks away from present. As advised by marketing manager, Cicely Carmichael, that advertising is crucial for this project that will be six weeks long.The budget of the project is $91,780. Production manager, Jeffrey Lynch, suggested if we work overtime this would help to complete the project two weeks early. But the overtime would add cost of $ 5,500 to the project and budget of the project will be increased to $97,280.

Scope statement

The project includes manufacturing of toys including every stage of processes from raw material to finished product. Project includes higher committee, project manager, design engineer, marketing manager and production manager. The main headquarters where production start is situated at Mississauga, Ontario which has manufacturing and distribution facilities.

The project proposal has to be approved week in between this project manager starts coordinating the product plan. It takes around 19weeks to product to become good and then start deliveries has to been start from 20th week, to hit the Christmas sales.

The process includes advertising for the product in advance so that during Christmas it affects the overall market easily.


Here are important deliverables that must be known before starting the project:

  • New product (toy) for Christmas
  • New machinery has to be buy for processing product quickly.
  • Best quality finished goods has to deliver to customer
  • Recommendation of new machineries due to overloading of product and extra shift of worker.
  • On time deliveries of product to increase sales.
  • Dies and tools required.
  • Installation and training to employees.
  • Debugging of software and hardware to check for flaws by installed equipment.
  • Advertising plan by marketing manager, Cecily Carmichael.
  • Finalization of artwork and packaging


  1. Proposal approved - May 10,2002
  2. Feedback & Approval from manufacturing & distribution center – Before May 17, 2002
  3. Creating preliminary list – May 17, 2002
  4. Advertising of new product – Up to 6 weeks
  5. Delivery expected – Sept 19, 2002
  6. If extra hours while weekend work is continued delivery to be expect 2 weeks before Sept 19, 2016

Technical requirements

  • Manufacturing facilities and distribution center
  • Designing tools and team
  •  New machineries
  • Tooling of new machines
  • Raw material Holder
  • Advertising work
  • Production tools


  • Competitor has similar product in that duration.
  • Delay in production leading to launching date of product in market due to non-operation in equipment.
  • Damage of product due to miss handling during shipping.
  • Taxes increased due to change on government policies.
  • Currency fluctuations.
  • Shares of the company are dropped.
  • Natural calamity leading to delay in production.
  • Less production than the figures estimated.

Out of scope

  • Utilities are included in overhead cost so company does not have to be worried about.
  • Company is not accountable for any faults in the equipment
  • There is warranty on dies and tools so loss or damage is not considered into account.
  • There is provision made for the budget at different stages of production.


Product produce will be unisex. Product will be organize by the theme not by gender.

Sign off

________ Approved

________ Approved with modifications.

________ Rejected

__________________________________                 ________________________________

Approver’s Printed Name                                             Date





Network Diagram

[pic 5] 

Critical path in the network diagram is indicated by green which includes:

  • A - Obtain Funding Approval
  • B- Finalize Engineering
  • D- Build dies/tools
  • F - Train Workers
  • G - De-Bug Process
  • K - Raw Material Delivery
  • L- Initial Production Run
  • M - Ship Product


Funding Approval- This is the initial stage which will take a week with the total assumption of budget $ 91,780.

Finalizing engineer- The final approval from the engineering department will take week with total cost of $ 1,600.

Delivery of equipment- It will be taken care by receiving department done within eight weeks’ time and cost of $ 11,600.



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