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Kraft Case Study Memo

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Date: 10/30/2006

To: Roger Deromedi, CEO Kraft Foods

From: , Assistant Vice President Kraft Foods

RE: Kraft Foods

The reason for this memo is to address the negative media attention our company has been receiving in regards to our products lacking nutrition. Health and fitness has been a growing concern in the United States. Many companies have begun to offer more nutritious and less fat filled food products. We could see a drop in sales if more consumers begin to see us as only producing unhealthy food products. Changes need to be made to our products so we can maintain a positive image with our consumers as well as the media.

First off, I would like to suggest offering new nutritious foods such as granola bars, and yogurt. We need to market the products to appeal not just to kids but also to the parents who are doing the actual food shopping. We should create commercials and promotions so that kids will want to eat the nutritious food and so parents can see that they are not buying junk food for their children. Some of our most famous products such as Oreos and Velveeta have been deemed unhealthy. We must make it a point to offer these products with less fat (trans/saturated) and calories. We also must make sure to put the appropriate nutrition labels on the back of products so consumers can see that we have changed over to a healthier product.

With everyone being so nutrition cautious we need to make changes in our products. Being compared to a Tobacco company or to a McDonalds in playing a major roll in obesity will bring down our company. As I said before, we must come up with new, healthier products for consumer purchase as well as make existing products better. If we can market a new healthier product line I believe we will attract new customers



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