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Kite Runner Essay

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The novel begins “I became what I am today at the age of twelve.” To what is Amir referring? Is his assertion entirely true? What other factors have helped form his character? How would you describe Amir?

Everybody remembers their childhood. It’s is the time when kids enjoy their carefree lives and when everything seem to be so perfect and cheerful. Amir’s childhood was quite different. He grew up in Kabul, in Afghanistan and seemingly he was very happy and successful child. In fact, he was constantly chasing something he could never get, and later on he became a victim of his own memories, which haunted him in his adulthood.

“Kite Runner” begins “I became what I am today at the age of twelve”. This quote is very significant for understanding the whole novel and Amir’s behavior. As we learn from the book, Amir and his servant Hassan were living together. Hassan is loyal and loves his master Amir, but on the other hand, Amir doesn’t feel the same way. Instead, he tries to put Hassan down and shows his superiority over him. Knowing that his servant would do anything for him, Amir acts in very cruel and hostile way.

Eventually, his behavior leads to extreme situations and Hassan decides to leave Amir’s house. This event happened when Amir was twelve, and this is what the quote is referring to. It is the day when boys separate and Amir’s guilt and shame starts to haunt him.

Although his separation with Hassan played very significant role in the whole plot, this assertion isn’t entirely true. There are other factors that shaped Amir’s character. We know that Amir always wanted to win his father over. He knew, he was blamed for the death of his mother and this event shaped painful and complicated relationship with Baba. For the whole life he tried to be loved by his



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