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Kinnie Wagner

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Kinnie Wagner

Proper Name- William Wagner

AKA- Kinnie Wagner

Known Associates-

Place of Birth- Scott County, Virginia

Date of Birth- February 18, 1903

Date of Death- Sometime in 1958

Cause of Death- Died in Prison

William "Kinnie" Wagner was born in Scott County, Virginia, on February 18, 1903. He was one of eight children of Charles Monroe and Nancy Clinton Wagner. In his childhood, he became proficient at target shooting and, at the age of 16, Kinnie joined the Richard Brothers Circus. Because of his skill as a bronco buster and target shooter, he became known to audiences as the "Texas Kid." After leaving the circus, Kinnie began running moonshine in Mississippi. This ultimately led to a shoot-out in which a deputy was killed. Kinnie claimed the shooting was justified and said that he had been framed by a sheriff who'd hired him to run moonshine. He claimed that, when the FBI came to the county to conduct investigations concerning the manufacture of illegal alcohol, the sheriff was afraid he knew too much and would give up information to the agents. Not long before, he had been given a watch to keep for a friend and, according to Kinnie, on trumped up charges, he was arrested f or the theft of the watch. However, his stay was short-lived, because he escaped from the Lucedale, MS jail. On Christmas eve, 1924, the sheriff sent a deputy to recapture him. The deputy, whose name was McIntosh, was waiting to ambush Kinnie but Kinnie discovered him. A gun battle ensued and the deputy was killed. Kinnie fled to the Virginia/Tennessee area and, with the help of family and friends,



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