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King Arthur

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Essay Preview: King Arthur

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Good Morrow, my lord, King Arthur, I stand before you today to provide an account of my experiences in regard to the Knight of the Green Chapel and how I represented the glorious court of Camelot. In responding to the challenges posed by the Green Knight, I found myself tested in five specific situations. To begin with, when the Green Knight came to your castle and challenged you, I felt as though I had to prove myself as one of your knights; many believe I am only a knight because I am your nephew. Therefore, I accepted the challenge on your behalf in this moment my bravery and loyalty was tested from the beginning.

From the time I arrived at Sir Bertilak’s castle, I was tested in numerous ways. He tested my honesty by playing a game with me. Whatever he brought back to the castle, I had to match in value. I succeeded the first two nights but the third night my honesty failed, my lord, King Arthur. I was given a green sash by his wife but I did not give something to Sir Bertilak that matched this gift. In addition to my honesty being tested, I was also called upon to prove my self-control. Each night, Sir Bertilak’s wife came into my room and tried to seduce me. I must admit my lord that this was very difficult for me. On the third night, she offered me a green sash that had magic powers and would protect me from the Green Knight. My faith in God was tested in this regards because I was putting my trust in the pagan magic instead of our God.

Finally, my lord, King Arthur, my courage and loyalty to continue on and face my challenge with the Green Knight was tested on my journey to his domain. My guide offered me one last escape but I denied and kept my word to the Green Knight.


Based on the literature of the Anglo-Norman period, there are five different things we can conclude about the Church and Christian faith at that time. In the Visions of Piers Plowman, there are many different things that show us what the Church and Christian faith was like during this time. In particular, the quest for the true Christian life. For example, the author uses allegorical themes such as truth



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