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Kill A Mocking Bird

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The most important theme of Mockingbird remains the notion of prejudice in all of its forms. Clearly, with the Tom Robinson case, Lee's characters deal with racial prejudice. Such References to black men as "niggers" continue throughout the book The fact that Atticus realizes that he has no chance to win his case defending Tom because Tom is black offers the most explicit indicator of deep-rooted racism.

Although the entire town subscribes outwardly to traditional gender roles and class distinctions, Aunt Alexandra stands plays the greatest role in reinforcing these notions within the Finch family. Alexandra believes that because the Finch family comes from a long line of landowners who have been the county for generations they deserve greater respect than do other people and they must comport themselves according to their status. She refuses to associate with both black and white citizens alike because they do not fill the same social position. Atticus, on the other hand, urges his children to sympathize with others and to "walk in their skin" before they judge or criticize others.

Scout suffers highly from the stereotypes imposed upon her because of the rigid sexism and gender rules that dominate southern life. Scout hates to wear dresses and the find the accusation that she "acts like a girl" highly offensive. Although the characters do not explicitly deal with gender issues, Lee does offer several characters, Miss Maudie and Miss Stephanie in particular, who illustrate the broad spectrum of southern womanhood that lies beneath the simplistic "southern belle" stereotype.

Themes: (Kery)

Prejudice : Prejudice runs rampant in Maycomb county. ex1. The town

has prejudice against blacks. This is seen in the case against Tom Robinson.



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