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Keep Christ In Christmas

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Jesus our King is our reason for Christmas, but merchants and television have torn us away from this idea. To keep Christ in Christmas things must be done, for instance quickly scrawling Merry X-mas on a card is totally against the idea, although more convenient then writing Christmas it suggests that Christmas is not a Christen holiday. Christmas is a time for presents and T.V. specials to little kids, it could be taught to them that it's not what you get, but what you give in the first place. I no for a fact that Jesus died to save us, and not get praise from God, or to get us to follow Him, He received crucifixion willingly to save all races, in all nations, and for all ages. So giving secretly to the poor, the sick, or people you try to tolerate your being like Him, by giving to all no matter what. When decorating outside on your lawn don't just put Frost and Santa and the reindeer, add a Nativity Scene to remind you and all that pass your house that you know what Christmas is truly about. And inside your house all Christmassy as is may be remember on your tree at the top that, angel or star you place so delicately think of why you use those images. Maybe that symbolizes the one that lit the way to Bethlehem where in the manger Christ slept, or that angel signifies the one Mary saw who told her she was to give the birth to Child King, or the one who told the Shepard's and kings about Jesus being born in Bethlehem. When in school remember to keep in your hearts forever what you learn in religion class about Advent and Christmas so you can others like some protestant neighbors and maybe in the light of season they'll come back to our church. When you give gifts remember the look on the recipients faces because that is the best Christmas of all.



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