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Just Research So Far

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JUNE 3, 2004

Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello on Christians

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"Maybe I would have a more positive view of religion if I was impressed by the behavior of those who preach it, not meaning preachers, but anyone from the heads of government to the people I know in the school who confessed to be Christians. Some of those Christians were the biggest (expletive) who mistreated their fellow man in the worst ways. Religion is so tied up with political manipulation that it is hard to see if there could be a nugget of spirituality in there that can genuinely influence your life. It's hard to find."

-Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello (Source: Relevant Magazine, May/June 2004 and Rock Stars on God)

Rock Stars on God: 20 Artists Speak Their Minds About Faith (Paperback)

by Doug Van Pelt (Author) "For most of 1993, when this interview occurred, Rage Against the Machine's controversial debut album had been kept underground because of its radical, lyrical content;..."Ð' (more)

Key Phrases: badÐ' religion, JesusÐ' Christ, AliceÐ' Cooper, SocialÐ' Distortion (more...)


Coachella Day 3

Bottom Line: There was much more than sheer rage goin' on.

By Darryl Morden

May 1, 2007

Empire Polo Field, Indio, Calif.

Sunday, April 29

Rage on, it's a political feeling. The tone was set all weekend for Sunday night's fierce reunion of Rage Against the Machine that closed out the third and final day of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif.

Each day, a row of antiwar, anti-Bush booths had been handing out literature while encouraging concertgoers to join their mailing lists. Indeed, the group's reformation seems less musically motivated and more a rallying point to galvanize a political community and rouse them to further action.

Taking the stage for their first performance together in seven years, vocalist-rapper Zack de la Rocha spit out heated vitriol while guitarist Tom Morello issued clanging metallic riffs and drummer Brad



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