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John Wilde

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Adam Hallowell

Art History

John Wilde Gallery Paper

Well walking through the gallery the only piece that stood out to me was John

Wilde's piece "A Tribute to the Rubber Stamp #7" a silver point on paper. The piece

itself has a very simple composition that contains a hand coming into the page from the

left side about about a third of the way up the page. The arm has a shirt on with a

pinstripe jacket over it. On the right side of the page is a six banded armadillo with a

snail with wings. These animals are placed in the right third of the page. Behind the

hand is very light mountain forms that peaks right above the hand and slowly slopes

down to pretty much the center of the page and flows fairly flat and parallel with the

hand. The mountains are the only thing with a sense of color in the piece, they are washed

with a very subtle brown wash. The only other thing that has any sense of color is the

armadillos shadow and thats extremely minimal.

The armadillo and snail seem to be pretty much proportioned properly except

that the armadillos tail is a little to long and the back side of the nail is too big. I think

the wings that are on the back of the snail looks exactly like the Detroit Red Wings

emblem, minus the color.

Everything seems to be drawn graphicly except for the mountains that are

drawn fairly loose. The palm of the hand has very good detail and it looks fairly realistic

even without any shading. The armadillo and snail are drawn very well, there's a good

amount of detail like the tiny hairs that come out of the front of the armadillos she right under

its face, and the scale of the armadillo are are very good.

The mountains split the composition and give the piece a background and a

foreground. The way the mountains go through the page makes the background go back into

space and the foreground come forward even though all it is, is wide open white space.

another things the mountains do is take your eye from the left side of the page and slowly




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