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Job Enrichment And Job Rotation

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There are several common approaches to make the work place better, but it?s all up to the employees to put in good quality day of work. There are these three ways to make the employees happier and that is job enlargement, job rotation, and job enrichment. They are different in some ways but alike in many.

The first way is job enlargement. This way is to expand in several tasks than just to do one single task. It is also the horizontal expansion of a job. It involves the addition of tasks at the same level of skill and responsibility. It is done to keep workers from getting bored. This would also be considered multi tasking by which one person would do several persons jobs, saving the company money and man hours that normally would be paid to additional workers. Small companies may not have as many opportunities for promotions, so they try to motivate employees through job enlargement. An example of this would be when I worked at a restaurant. I would bus the tables, wash the dishes, and run food upstairs. If they had just one person doing each job on the same night, it would cost the management three times the money. There is another way to do what job enlargement does, and that is job rotation.

The second way is job rotation. Job rotation is just like job enlargement by training and teaching the workers to do several different jobs. By training your workers to do everyone?s job you are enriching the workers job knowledge and benefitting the company. Because job rotations see the immediate results of their learning, they are more likely to develop a passion for learning about the job. Job rotation may be especially valuable for organizations that require firm-specific skills because it provides an incentive to organizations to promote from within because that is when they are most likely to find the needed skill sets. An example of this, is the business my mom works at it believes in cross training its employees by teaching them to be...



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